Family Law Attorney

Like every family, every family law case is unique. Having worked on these issues for more than three decades, North Carolina lawyer Janet P. Welton understands this deeply. Combining this understanding with the experience and resources of our team, she is prepared to address nearly any family law issue, including:

Our approach fuses boutique hands-on representation with clear communication and aggressive advocacy. While we always prefer to resolve all issues out of court, we always prepare cases for litigation. We believe our overall philosophy could be described as tough, but caring. Additionally, we take a long view toward our clients' situation. Our goal is to not only foster a healthy transition, but also work toward an outcome that fosters clients' long-term well-being.

This prepared approach to protecting our clients' best interest has helped hundreds of families reach tailored resolutions for their unique circumstances and needs. We encourage you to get in touch and schedule a discounted initial consultation so we can discuss your unique needs and how we can bring our comprehensive knowledge to work for you.

We invite you to view our articles and testimonials pages for more information about the firm, and what our clients have had to say about our services.

To get in touch and schedule a discounted consultation to discuss any family law issue, including child support payments with our Charlotte family law attorney, call 704-323-7856 or email the firm.