Child Support Attorney

Ensuring the financial health and well-being of a family following a divorce is obviously of immense importance, particularly when children are involved.

To those ends, child support is established in order to maintain a child's lifestyle with both parents in the best possible way.

In North Carolina, establishing support is based on the child support guideline calculations. When determining child support, the courts will look at several factors, including income, number of children, insurance costs, income and other extraordinary expenses.

As with all family law issues, it is important to have an advocate and guide in your corner who has a comprehensive knowledge of these and related issues.

With more than three decades of experience, family law attorney Janet Welton is prepared to bring her comprehensive knowledge to help you address all child support issues. She will partner with you to understand your goals, set expectations, explain relevant options and advocate for you.

Along with working through initial child support issues, we are also prepared to bring our experience to work through modifications to change child support, as well. As with all family law issues, we encourage you to take deliberate and decisive action to protect your interests. Get in touch today.

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