Domestic Violence Attorney

It goes without saying that domestic violence is immensely serious. When family members are victims of domestic violence, their physical, emotional and psychological well-being is completely compromised.

As such, these issues must be handled with the utmost seriousness. When people are victimized in their own home, they need help immediately. Conversely, when people are accused of domestic violence by another party who seeks to gain an upper hand in a family law proceeding, it is important that they are diligently defended.

If you or your loved ones are working through any domestic violence issue, we are here for you.

Attorney Janet Welton has three-plus decades of family law experience working on domestic violence issues. She is prepared to diligently pursue restraining orders or orders of protection to protect victims of domestic violence. Additionally, she can defend against these orders when the accusations are frivolous or otherwise without merit. Her comprehensive family law knowledge and personalized hands-on approach to counsel allow her to remedy these issues efficiently and in a way that protects the immediate and long-term well-being of families.

Because of the utmost seriousness of these issues, it is extremely important to protect yourself and your well-being as soon as possible. We encourage you to reach out.

To get in touch and schedule a discounted consultation with our Charlotte domestic violence lawyer, call 704-323-7856 or email the firm to discuss any family law issue, including domestic abuse/spousal abuse or substance abuse issues in North Carolina.