Post-Divorce Modifications

Because families are always changing, family law judgments can obviously become outdated and no longer serve the needs of a family. In these cases, it is possible to file for a modification in North Carolina. The criteria for modification are different, depending on what judgment you seek to modify.

For instance, in the case of alimony/spousal support, it is usually necessary to demonstrate a significant change in circumstances (at least 15 percent difference in residual income) such that it significantly affects the ability to pay or the need for payment. In the case of child support modification, an order can be modified if there is a significant economic change in circumstances or three years has lapsed after the last order. For child custody, the ultimate consideration is the best interest of the child, but it is modifiable when a significant change in the parents' circumstances occurs. This may be the case in a relocation for a job or if new opportunities open up for the child.

If you seek to work toward a modification or defend against one that you believe is not in the best interests of your loved one, it is important to fully understand the process, your rights and options.

Because we have worked on these issues for more than 30 years, we, at the family law firm of Janet P. Welton, P.A., are prepared to address any modification issue. By fusing a personalized approach to counsel with our comprehensive knowledge, we have helped hundreds of families reach best possible outcomes in these and similar issues. Our attorney and team are prepared to help you do the same.

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