Spousal Support Attorney

There are different types of alimony and spousal support that can or will be awarded following a divorce, based on circumstances.

In the initial months following the divorce and through the process, post-separation support can be awarded to a dependent spouse — one who is financially dependent.

Alimony is slightly different and may continue more "permanently," that is, to say until another marriage, financial changes or death of a party. In either case, it is tax-deductible to the payer and taxable for the receiver.

In the final analysis, the financial conditions are far more relevant to a court's decision than the conduct of the parties before and during the divorce process; if someone cannot pay a particular amount, the court is extremely unlikely to award it. In permanent alimony, however, it is often necessary to prove fault to obtain alimony to begin with.

If you are faced with any alimony issues, it is important to note that they can be subtle, confusing and complex. As such, it is extremely important to partner with an experienced legal team. We are here for you.

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